Who are we?

Desu Systems BV was established in 2005 and is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. From our 900m2 office and warehouse, with a team of around 10 FTE we serve customers in over 60 countries.

Desu Systems BV has been the Master Distributor and Channel Partner for Spectrex SharpEye Optical Flame DetectionSafEye Quasar Open Path Gas Detection, ESP Safety Vector and SGOES Point Gas Detection, Hansentek Spark & Ember Detection, Sensia Infrared Thermal Imaging and Methane Emission Monitoring solutions and Buckeye Kitchen Mister restaurant fire suppression.

Desu Systems BV holds a very strong position in special hazard fire detection in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and India and is one of the largest suppliers of flame detectors and kitchen fire suppression systems worldwide.

Among our customers there are leading fire protection companies, systems integrators, EPC’s, OEM’s and distributors. They install and maintain these products they sell to chemical and petrochemical industries, (tank) storage facilities, aircraft hangars, waste handling facilities, wood processing industries, offshore substations, food processing, energy storage, hydrogen stations, renewable energy industry, gas turbines, transformer stations, compressor stations, refineries, automotive, machinery spaces and many others.

We offer complete hazard analysis, total system design and technical support, on site commissioning assistance and customer services.

On the fire suppression side of the business, Desu Systems BV is the Master EMEA and India Distributor for the Buckeye Kitchen Mister Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems, produced by Buckeye Fire Equipment Co. USA.

Why choose Desu Systems?

Always hundreds of flame detectors, open path detectors and kitchen fire suppression systems in stock and ready to ship.


We understand your needs and have  specialized in providing tailor made flame- and gas detection solutions with over 35 year of experience in the industry.

Fastest possible deliveries in the industry and quickest response to enquiries, technical queries and questions. We answer! and always the same day!

Product Groups

Desu Systems BV is the world’s largest flame detection distributor specializing in Spectrex SharpEye Quadband optical flame detectors and SafEye Quasar open path gas detection.

When it comes to gas detection, we offer complete gas detection solutions varying from ESP Safety Inc. and Gasensor Ltd. point gas detection, to Rosemount acoustic gas detection, Spectrex open path gas detection and Sensia thermal imaging camera’s.

Apart from gas detection and gas quantification our Sensia thermal imaging camera’s are a perfect solution for flame detection at long distance, methane emission monitoring, leakage monitoring, flare monitoring and tank level monitoring.

For the wood-, metal-, waste-, and food processing industry we offer Neola/Hansentek FM approved spark detection solutions to detect and suppress dust explosions in under 0,8 sec.

Also the Neola/Hansentek ember or hotspot detectors can be used to detect hotspots on conveyors in the food-, waste-, or power industry.

With the UL-300 listed and LPS1223 approved Buckeye Kitchen Mister fire suppression system we are the number 2 global supplier for the protection of kitchen hoods and ducts as well as all cooking appliances.


Flame-, and gas detectors as well as thermal imaging camera’s operate in the harshest environmental conditions and are self-contained stand-alone devices designed for direct connection to control and alarm systems or automatic fire extinguishing systems.

We at Desu Systems BV have over 20 years of experience with flame and gas detection and thermal imaging solutions, being successfully implemented in a wide variety of industries in over 60 countries we serve.

Knowing and understanding the challenges and risks in many industries we are able to offer custom designed solutions to quickly detect and react to as well as to monitor gases and/or flames.


Are you looking for Spectrex SharpEye flame detection or Spectrex Quasar SafEye open path gas detection? look no further! We always have hundreds of Spectrex flame- and open path detectors in stock! In urgent need for a kitchen fire suppression system? We also have hundreds of Buckeye Kitchen Mister fire suppression systems in stock!

ESP Safety point gas detectors and Hansentek spark & ember detectors are available from us with short lead times. We offer tailor made solutions using Sensia thermal imaging camera’s for flame- and gas detection, gas quantification, flare monitoring and methane emission monitoring.

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