Are you looking for premium brands like Spectrex SharpEye flame detection or Spectrex Quasar SafEye open path gas detection? look no further! We always have hundreds of Spectrex flame- and open path detectors in stock!

In urgent need for a UL-300 listed kitchen fire suppression system? We also have hundreds of Buckeye Kitchen Mister fire suppression systems in stock! 

All our partners are well established leading companies in the industry and have been in business for decades. They strongly focus on meeting the highest standards and obtaining the most important approvals in existence. This guarantees availability, durability, quality and performance in situations and harsh conditions when you need it most, which is in a fire scenario. With our proven track record and over 25 year experience you can rest assured that our leading brands will safely protect your assets!

Our industry leading Brands

ESP Safety point gas detectors and Hansentek spark & ember detectors are available from us with short lead times.

We offer tailor made solutions using Sensia thermal imaging camera’s for flame- and gas detection, gas quantification, flare monitoring and methane emission monitoring.

Only premium products are good enough for us to distribute in over 60 countries being Master Distributor and Channel Partner for Spectrex, Hansentek, Buckeye, Sensia and ESP.

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