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Spectrex flame and open path gas detection is the world leader and active in this field since the early 50’s. Being acquired by Emerson/Rosemount in 2015 They are fully committed to enhance the safety of your employees, capital investments and to the environment.

Being the first to launch major innovations that have become trade standards such as the first UV/IR and patented IR3 Flame Detector designs they continue to offer the most comprehensive product line to meet application challenges from offshore oil & gas to waste handling to commercial mall floors worldwide.

They were first to incorporate the Xenon Flash in open path gas detectors to solve false alarm issues common in the industry. Today they offer hydrocarbon, and toxic ammonia, sulphoric acid and hydrogen sulphide open path gas detection solutions.

Spectrex is fully committed to continue its innovative approach and development efforts to address the needs of the high risk – high value industries for reliable and unique solutions that provide effective protection against fires and explosions.

Flame and Open Path Gas Detectors

All Spectrex flame detectors and open path gas detectors are designed to the highest safety requirements for high risk industries and commercial applications. Fire detection is achieved by the SharpEye 40/40-C and 40/40-D Series Optical Flame Detectors, including Triple infrared (IR3), Multi IR, UV/IR, UV, IR for Ex hazardous areas. For non-EX zones the compact 20/20-Mini designs are available. Quasar SafEye open path gas detectors monitor distances from 1 meter up to 200 meters with SIL2 high reliability units and duct mount options for turbine / air intake ducts. Spectrex detectors are EN, FM, ATEX, IEcex, Inmetro, CU TR EAC and SIL2 approved and 3rd party certified to the latest applicable International Standards for Safety, Reliability, Quality and Performance. 

Desu Systems BV was appointed Master Distributor and Channel Partner in 2005 being among their largest customers worldwide nowadays.

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