Buckeye Kitchen Mister fire suppression system

Buckeye Kitchen Mister fire suppression system

The Buckeye Kitchen Mister kitchen fire suppression system is a UL-300 approved and CE marked Pre-Engineered Wet Chemical System. Because of the simple design, the system is quickly and easily installed and maintained. True innovation in the design of this kitchen fire suppression system is the possibility to eliminate all conduit inside the hood, not having to install multiple detection brackets and conduit inside the hood at all. Being the only one on the market, Buckeye Fire Suppression offers the possibility to use shielded cable for the detection line, which saves a lot of time on installation.

Applicance specific kitchen fire suppression system

This kitchen fire suppression system is applicance specific and has the best coverage in the industry with e.g. a coverage of 3.700 mm linear length of plenum for a one flow point nozzle, a coverage of 610 x 510 mm for a deep fat fryer with just one two flow point nozzle. The color-coded nozzles are easy to identify during installation. The use of Mapress type compressed fittings is approved by the manufacturer, which offers you another saving on installation time.

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Buckeye Kitchen Mister kitchen fire suppression system:

Simple and modular system design
Shielded cable eliminates conduit and corner pulleys
Color-coded nozzles for easy identification
Unlimited system configurations
Installs quickly and easily
Best coverage in the kitchen fire suppression industry
Worldwide distribution with local support
Online & face to face training

Kitchen fire suppression system approvals and certification:
UL-300 / ULC Listed Cooking Area Fire Suppression System
Complies with NFPA-17A and NFPA-96
LPS-1223 approved
CE marked and PED approved
ANPI NTN 113 approved
Complies with European Standard EN 17446 that comes into force in February 2022 and also complies with EN 16282-7

Kitchen fire suppression systems are typically used in:

Public Buildings