Flame Detectors

Your European Spectrex Master Distributor and Channel Partner

Desu Systems B.V. is active for Europe and is one of Spectrex’s largest customer worldwide for their range of both non-ex and ex-proof SharpEye flame detectors.

desusystems - Spectrex

Spectrex offer a full range of IR4, IR3, UV/IR flame detectors for EX area’s commonly known as 40/40D and 40/40C series.

The 40/40D series, our premium line, have Quad Sense technology and offer Ultra Fast detection for high end applications and the longest detection distance available on the market. Other advantages of the 40/40D series are appliance specific settings which include ‘explosion detection’ and ‘Field Of View’ (FOV) selection, six adjustable sensitivities for the 40/40D-I and 40/40D-M models and three sensitivity levels for the 40/40D-LB and 40/40D-L4B models.

The 40/40C series, our basic line, also have Quad sense technology and offer more regular  detection distances for regular applications and detection distances are up to 65 meter for a 0,1 m2 fire.  The 40/40C series offer five adjustable sensitivities for the 40/40C-I and 40/40C-M models.

All 40/40D and 40/40C models have a built-in datalogger and offer a wide variety of adjustable software settings through the free of charge Modbus software. UV/IR combined or Single IR or single UV settings can be selected through this software when using the UV/IR models.

This range of 40/40D and 40/40C detectors is EN-54-10/CPD, FM, ATEX Exd, IEcex, CU TR EAC, INMETRO, Peso and SIL2 approved for zone 1 and 2 Ex applications and suitable for SIL3 applications.

For non-ex in- and outdoor applications Spectrex offer the 20/20-MI mini  IR3 flame detectors with EN-54-10 and FM approvals. A non-ex UV/IR 20/20-ML is also available but only with FM approval.

The 20/20-MPI Polycarbonate IR3 flame detector is suitable for indoor applications only and has EN-54-10 approval. A full range of accessories and test lamps for all model flame detectors is available as well.

When looking for very long distance flame detection a thermal imaging camera might be your product of choice. A wide range of thermal imaging flame detection cameras is available from Desu Systems BV, all with ATEX approval for zone 1 and 2 applications.

Flame detectors can be used in:

Aircraft hangars

Power Industry

Office areas

Unmanned Gas Stations


Chemical plants

Heavy duty vehicles

Atrium areas