Flame Detectors

Desu Systems BV are Spectrex Master Distributor and Channel Partner for Europe, and among their largest customers worldwide, for their range of both non-ex and ex-proof SharpEye flame detectors.

desusystems - Spectrex

Spectrex offer a full range of IR4, IR3, UV/IR, IR and UV flame detectors for EX area’s commonly known as 40/40 series. This range of 40/40 detectors is EN-54-10/CPD, FM, ATEX, IEcex, CU TR EAC, INMETRO, Peso and SIL2 approved for zone 1 and 2 Ex applications.

For non-ex in- and outdoor applications Spectrex offer the 20/20-MI mini  IR3 flame detectors with EN-54-10 and FM approvals. A non-ex UV/IR 20/20-ML is also available but only with FM approval.

The 20/20-MPI Polycarbonate IR3 flame detector is suitable for indoor applications only and has EN-54-10 approval. A full range of accessories and test lamps for all model flame detectors is available as well.


A complimentary range of VIDEO flame detectors is available as well, offering enhanced color video imaging. This range of detectors available for ex area’s and has FM, EN-54-10, ATEX/IEcex, CU TR EAC approvals.

40/40 Series Flame Detectors


20/20 Series Mini Flame Detectors


Flame Detectors Accessories

F&G HD Video Flame Detectors

The flame detectors can be used in:

Aircraft hangars

Power Industry

Office areas

Unmanned Gas Stations


Chemical plants

Heavy duty vehicles

Atrium areas