Spectrex SharpEye Flame Detectors 20/20 series

The Spectrex SharpEye Mini 20/20 range includes stainless steel (20/20-MI) and polycarbonate (20/20-MPI) Mini IR3 and stainless steel (20/20-ML) Mini UV/IR detectors which offer a lower cost, lower power, compact design in a general purpose (non-Ex approved) format.
The SharpEye 20/20MI Mini Series Flame Detectors are high performance, unique IR3 and UV/IR flame detectors featuring lower cost, lower power, and more compact structures. The mini flame detectors are highly resistant to harsh environments, immune to false alarms and are designed for use in OUTDOOR or INDOOR (20/20-MPI) applications.
The flame detectors’ small size, low cost and low power allow easy installation in small or congested areas where Ex hazardous area approvals are not a prime requirement. Both models are packaged in rugged, stainless steel enclosures that are less than 50% of the size of our standard explosion-proof detectors and weigh only 2.5 lbs (1.2 kg).
The Spectrex SharpEye 20/20-MI is EN-54-10 (long range model 20/20-MI-1 only) and FM performance approved whilst the 20/20-MPI is EN-54-10 approved.

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20/20 Series Mini Flame Detectors

20/20MI - Mini Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector

20/20MPI - Commercial IR3 Flame Detector

20/20ML - Mini UV/IR Flame Detector

SharpEye Flame Detectors 20/20 (obsolete)

Spectrex SharpEye 20/20 SI - Model is obsolete

20/20-Color CCTV Flame Detector