Methane gas camera

  MetCam is a fully integrated unit capable of autonomously detecting methane and natural gas clouds that exceed hazardous levels and produce warnings. MetCam is further capable of detecting small emissions, for routine preventive maintenance operations, and serves as a situational awareness camera. The output images, warning and alarm signals of MetCam are displayed on a monitor in the control room using ONVIF interface. Industry standard 4-20 mA is available on-board and can be used to interface the facility infrastructure. MetCam utilizes advanced algorithms to insure robustness and immunity to spurious effects of environmental origin. MetCam uses high reliability components and no moving parts to increase the operability and does not need any special maintenance or calibrations other than periodical external cleaning. MetCam covers a continuous large volume of space without any voids.
  • 24\7\365 automatic Methane leak detection
  • Quantifies gas concentration length and size of gas cloud
  • Visualizes the gas cloud and source of leak on an image
  • Preset warning and alarm levels
  • Industry standard 4-20 mA warning and alarm output
  • Standard GigE long distance interface with control room
  • Optional WiFi interface
  • Automatic incidence recording on internal memory
  • Withstands harsh environment, IP66 compliant
  • Self-calibrated, low cost of ownership.
  • Approved for hazardous areas / explosive atmospheres, Zone 1 and or Class I, Div.1 Emissions monitoring
  • Provides situational awareness