Gas Detectors

Desu Systems provides a full range of point Gas Detectors through Catalytic, Infrared, Electrochemical and Nano MOS technologies.

All point gas detectors are robust and executed in stainless steel 316 and are fully ATEX/IEcex, FM, SIL2 and CU TR EAC approved.

desusystems - Spectrex

Open Path Gas Dectector


Hydrocarbon & Toxic Point Gas Detectors

Gas Detector Accessories

Hydrocarbon and toxic Point Gas Detectors

SS903 Toxic gas detector - ATEX/FM/SIL2 approved

SGOES 0-100% LEL Detector - ATEX/SIL2/FM approved

Vector Dual Display Hydrocarbon/Toxic point gas detector

Smart MT500 Dual transmitter - ATEX/SIL2 approved

BFT-44 Single/dual transmitter - NRTL/CSA approved

BFT-48 Single/dual transmitter - CSA approved