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Desu Systems BV is specialised in flame and gas detection technologies and has recently added a new technology to its portfolio, being Thermal Imaging Gas and Flame Detection Camera’s.

The technology is not limited to gas and flame detection but also makes it possible to quantity gas, detect spills, provide intelligent thermography, flare monitoring, furnace inspection, tank level measuring and surveillance!

Reliability and multi functionality are the most relevant characteristics of the products. A deep knowledge in optics and infrared sensors combined with the most advanced processing techniques analytics are the driving forces for the succes of the technology.

Some of the main features are:

  • RedLook Software
  • Single control software integrated in the processing unit with several functionalities.
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • When unattended, automatically alerts of any danger and recovers the event video from the alarms log.
  • Pan & Tilt Mounting
  • The TOUR option can be activated, allowing surveillance of multiple areas. For each of these areas, one or several functionalities can be configured.
  • Communications
  • Ethernet and optical fiber connections.
  • Rugged System
  • Equipment designed for use in harsh environments, ATEX ZONE II compliant.
  • Alarm reporting
  • Metadata linked to survey for easy leaks tracking.
  • Interchangable lenses
  • Different FoV configurations under demand. Motor focus available.

Thermal Imaging Gas and Flame Detection Camera's

Caroline FY - 24/7 monitoring system

Caroline FX - 24/7 monitoring system

Caroline FYL - 24/7 monitoring system

Mileva 33F - 24/7 monitoring system

Mileva 47F 24/7 monitoring system

Agni - 24/7 monitoring system

RAI - 24/7 monitoring system

Calcifir F - 24/7 monitoring system

Caroline Y - On Board

Mileva 33 - On Board

Mileva 33-320 On Board