Flame Detection for Compressor Stations

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Continuous flame detection for compressor stations is extremely important due to the following factors:
» Constant high stress on the machinery.
» Vibration, spills, high pressure leaks and fugitive emissions
» In the natural gas stream, hydrogen sulfide, liquids and undesirable particles can corrode components such as pipelines.
» Possibility of seals or gaskets failing, allowing the fuel to come into contact with heated parts and an ignition source.

Learn more about our solutions for compressor stations and how to mitigate these risks and implement those by contacting us. With over 20 years of experience in this industry we have realised many projects with compressor stations that include our Spectrex flame detectors and Spectrex Open Path gas detectors. Point gas detectors for LNG and thermal imaging camera’s for CH4 are widely used in this industry as well.

Detection systems for compressor stations - Challenges

Detection systems for compressor stations must detect flames but also gases rapidly to prevent a widespread fire or explosion within the compressor station. Gas detection systems must be present to detect a build-up of combustible gases such as methane or LNG that may come into contact with an ignition source and cause a fire. Detection needs to occur in all areas of the compressor station to protect equipment and personnel.  The use of thermal imaging camera’s has the main advantage that the source of the leak can be easily identified. Also the size of the gas cloud can be defined and quantified and the movement of the gas cloud can be made visible.

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Are you looking for Spectrex SharpEye flame detection or Spectrex Quasar SafEye open path gas detection? look no further! We always have hundreds of Spectrex flame- and open path detectors in stock! In urgent need for a kitchen fire suppression system? We also have hundreds of Buckeye Kitchen Mister fire suppression systems in stock!

ESP Safety point gas detectors and Hansentek spark & ember detectors are available from us with short lead times. We offer tailor made solutions using Sensia thermal imaging camera’s for flame- and gas detection, gas quantification, flare monitoring and methane emission monitoring.

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