Fire Detection for Gas Turbines

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Fire detection for gas turbines and power generation can vary based on the fuel source, which may be coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear. Hydrogen gas is found in two main areas of the power plant:

» Generators – These often use hydrogen as a coolant to keep the turbine generators from overheating. Hydrogen may leak from the coolers, dryers or filters. These links present a two-fold risk. Firstly, the leaked hydrogen gas is highly combustible, leading to a risk of fire or explosions. Additionally, the resulting absence of hydrogen as a coolant can cause the machine to overheat and cause major damage.

» Lead Acid Battery Rooms – Hydrogen is produced by electrochemical batteries, as a by-product of their chemical reactions. Leaked hydrogen may accumulate, creating a combustible hazard. Therefore, these rooms require careful monitoring.

When it comes to coal-powered power plants, there are extra monitoring requirements.

  • Coal dust is highly combustible and may accumulate in coal conveyers.
  • Methane and carbon monoxide is produced when coal burns. These gases may accumulate in hazardous concentrations, thus necessitating toxic gas monitoring and oxygen deficiency monitors. This monitoring safeguards air quality, minimizing risks to the health of personnel.

Other processes involve toxic gases, such as NH3 and H2S, as a by-product.


Fire detection systems for gas turbines must be able to detect the presence of hydrocarbon gas and/or hydrogen gas in generators, turbine rooms and lead battery rooms. In coal-fired power plants, detectors must enable effective detection of coal dust and methane gas in areas such as coal chutes, conveyers and employee tunnels. Get in touch to discuss your requirements for fire detection for gas turbines.

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