Flame Detection for Transformer Stations

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Flame Detection for Transformer Stations must include detectors that are capable to detect flames rapidly to prevent a widespread fire within sub stations and transformer stations. This is crucial, as fires in sub- or transformer stations have a severe impact on power supply to customers and affects the utility company’s assets and revenue. The fires are also hazardous to personnel and the general public.

Sub- and transformer stations use a variety of equipment and systems, each of which present their own set of fire risks. Fires may involve DC valves, outdoor or indoor oil-insulated equipment, oil-insulated cables, hydrogen- cooled synchronous condensers or PCB insulation. The oil used in oil-insulated equipment may ignite due to electrical malfunction. Internal arcing may occur within the oil due to infiltration of water, failure of core insulation, exterior fault currents or tap-changer failures.

The right flame detector only responds to real fire and would be immune to false alarm stimuli like sunlight, lightning or hot surfaces. Flame detection for transformer stations, requires our triple IR flame detectors, which are extremely suitable for these applications because they detect small fires at long distances and are immune for sunlight or lightning in both ATEX and NON-ATEX area’s.

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