Fire Detection for Waste Handling Industry

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Fire is a constant possibility at waste management sites, as many types of waste are readily combustible. Operators must ensure that fire detector and suppression systems are in place to prevent these fires from spreading. Get in touch to learn more about fire detection for the waste handling industry.

At waste management locations, there are several areas that require continues monitoring:

  • Waste downloading and separation areas
  • Waste dumps (underground storage) – wet and dry
  • Waste processing (surface storage and processing)
  • Incineration mixers
  • Cyclone separators
  • Storage containers

Flame detection and suppression systems must be able to detect and suppress fires at the earliest stages, to prevent damage to the environment and risks to human health. 

Recycling Facilities

Industry | Waste Management ​

Many types of waste material are flammable, and even minor fires can result in the ignition of the methane present around decomposing materials.

Most commonly, these fires are a result of the spontaneous combustion of waste at solid waste handling sites. This is challenging to monitor, requiring both expertise and the correct technology. Vehicles that collect municipal waste produce hot particles that combine and ignite, setting the waste site alight, with the high volume of methane present acting as a catalyst. Wastes fire damage often extends across the site and into the surrounding environment.


Flame detection systems must be located in every recycling facility, to quickly detect and suppress flames before a large fire occurs.

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