Spectrex Demo Kit

Spectrex Demo Kit



Spectrex Demo Kit

With great pleasure we announce the addition of one of our new marketing/promotional tools; the Spectrex Demo Kit for presentations, seminars, exhibitions and training classes!

This complete demo kit is a wheeled trolley case that contains three of our model flame detectors; a 40/40-I triple IR detector, a 40/40UFL Ultra Fast UV/IR detector and a 20/20-MPI-R IR3 detector.

It comes with a full set of connection cables for PC and power supply and it is equipped with a buzzer, colored LED for stand-by and alarm notification and 4-20mA indicators.

Through the flexible cables each detector can be removed from the case and can be installed on its own mount as well.


Please contact us for further information.

E: customerservice@desusystems.com

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The Desu Systems Team