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Spectrex Quasar Open Path Gas Detector Series 900

When it comes to open path gas detection, the Spectrex Safeye Quasar 900 Series stands out as a beacon of excellence. This advanced gas detector series is designed to provide unmatched safety and peace of mind for industrial applications where hazardous gas leaks can pose a significant risk.

The Spectrex Safeye Quasar 900 Series boasts an impressive array of performance approvals, reinforcing its credibility and reliability in the market. These detectors have undergone rigorous testing and certification processes to comply with international safety standards, earning approvals from esteemed organizations such as ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA, INMETRO, and more. Such recognition validates the Quasar 900 Series’ capability to operate efficiently in hazardous environments, assuring customers of their investment’s effectiveness and regulatory compliance.


The four models, each designed to cover specific distances according to the requirements of the application:

–  Safeye Quasar 901 Short Range (7 to 20 meters): Ideal for compact industrial spaces or locations requiring precise gas detection within a limited area.

– Safeye Quasar 902 Medium Range (15 to 40 meters): Perfect for mid-sized facilities or areas where a broader coverage is necessary without compromising on detection accuracy.

– Safeye Quasar 903 Long Range (35 to 100 meters): Suited for large industrial complexes or outdoor installations where gas leaks can occur over considerable distances.

– Safeye Quasar 904 Extended Long Range (80 to 200 meters): Tailored for extensive facilities or situations where long-distance monitoring is vital to ensure comprehensive gas leak detection.

By offering four distinct models, Spectrex caters to a wide array of industrial scenarios, ensuring that businesses can select the most appropriate detector that matches their specific safety needs.

The Quasar 900 Series has effectively replaced the outdated Safeye 200 and 700 series, leaving no doubt that it is the premier choice for industries seeking cutting-edge gas detection technology.

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