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Spectrex Quasar 960 Ammonia open path detector

Spectrex, a leading innovator in open path gas detection solutions, offers a  the state-of-the-art Spectrex Quasar 960 Ammonia open path gas detector, designed to detect Ammonia (NH3) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). This advanced detection system provides unparalleled protection by continuously monitoring for gas leaks over impressive distances of up to 60 meters, making it an ideal choice for large-scale industrial applications. Divided into three distinct models, the Spectrex toxic open path gas detection system ensures comprehensive coverage of critical areas and facilitates prompt action in case of potential gas releases.

For each specific gas there is a different model that fits the specific needs. NH3 and SO2 can be detected by the Spectrex Quasar 960 open path detector and H2S can be detected by the Spectrex Quasar 950 open path detector.


Each of the three Spectrex Quasar 960 Ammonia open path detectors are designed to cover specific distances according to the requirements of the application:

–  Spectrex Quasar 961 Short Range (5 to 16 meters): Ideal for compact industrial spaces or locations requiring precise gas detection within a limited area.

– Spectrex Quasar 962 Medium Range (14 to 40 meters): Perfect for mid-sized facilities or areas where a broader coverage is necessary without compromising on detection accuracy.

– Spectrex Quasar 963 Long Range (35 to 60 meters): Suited for large industrial complexes or outdoor installations where gas leaks can occur over considerable distances.

Spectrex Quasar 960 Ammonia Open Path detectors are used in the following industries:

Refineries – crude oil up- and down stream processes

Food and beverage industry – cooling/freezing systems


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