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Sensia Cooled Thermal Imaging Gas Camera – Mileva F

Our methane emission monitoring solutions enable real-time tracking of emissions, promoting environmental responsibility. Additionally, our advanced flare monitoring technology aids in optimizing combustion processes, leading to increased operational efficiency.

The Sensia Cooled Thermal Imaging Gas Camera – Mileva F is a fixed cooled thermal imaging camera designed for hydrocarbon on gas leak detection and quantification as well as many more integrated functionalities. This device is capable of detecting a 0,2g/s gas leak at 150 meters distance. The Sensia Mileva F cooled thermal imaging gas camera offers a complete monitoring solution on site.

Currently three different models are available, each of them detecting in a different infrared spectrum making it possible to detect multiple gases.

The Sensia Mileva F33 is specifically designed to detect hydrocarbon gases like e.g. butane, ethane, heptane, methane, propane, propylene whereas the Sensia Mileva F45 detects carbon dioxide and phosphine.

The Sensia Mileva F47 detects carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide.

Working on the Sensia Redlook platform it allows the camera to be self-learning via the AI software capabilities. This makes it able to tailor the unit to the unique aspects of a site, increasing accuracy and reducing potential unwanted alarms. Via the platform it can be connected to the Redlook database in which millions of images are stored and analyzed to further increase accuracy of the unit.

Because of the cooled technology the Sensia Cooled Thermal Imaging Gas Camera – Mileva F offers a continues performance which is not influenced by environmental temperature changes as is the case with uncooled cameras.   


  • Atex approved
  • IP66/67
  • Available with pan & tilt to monitor 360 degrees
  • Usable as stand-alone solution
  • Integratable in all existing operating systems
  • Automatic reports to comply with OGMP regulation


Currently the Sensia Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera – Mileva F is used on many petrochemical and oil and gas platforms and industrial facilities across the world, providing them with an unequal level of safety.

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