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Sensia Uncooled Thermal Imaging Gas Camera – Caroline F

Sensia specializes in cutting-edge thermal imaging solutions designed to enhance industrial safety and efficiency. Our range of innovative products includes state-of-the-art technologies for diverse applications. With our thermal imaging gas leak detection systems, we help industries identify, visualize and mitigate potentially hazardous leaks swiftly, ensuring a secure work environment.

There are currently four different models Sensia Caroline F thermal imaging cameras available. All models have a 640×480 px camera and are ATEX certified for zone 1 and 2 and provide real time alarms using the Redlook AI analytics but-in software.

Model Sensia Caroline FY is specifically designed for methane and SO2 gas leak detection and quantification. This model is capable of detecting a 0,2g/s gas leak at 50 meters distance as well as a 0,5 g/s at 200 meters. 

Model Sensia Caroline FYL is specifically designed for Optical Gas Imaging and Methane Laser Monitoring. 

Model Sensia Caroline FX is specifically designed for SF6 and other refrigerant gas leak detection.

And model Sensia Caroline FXY combines the technologies used in the models FY and FX and therefore can detect methane, SF6, SO2 and other refrigerant gas leaks.

Operating on the Sensia Redlook platform it allows the camera to be self-learning via the AI software capabilities. This makes it able to tailor the unit to the unique aspects of a site, increasing accuracy and reducing potential unwanted alarms. Via the platform it can be connected to the Redlook database in which millions of images are stored and analyzed to further increase accuracy of the unit.

Because of the uncooled technology the Caroline F offers a continues and very cost effective solution compared to other on the market.   


  • Atex approved
  • IP66/67
  • Available with pan & tilt to monitor 360 degrees
  • Usable as stand-alone solution
  • Gas detection AND quantification
  • Integratable in all existing operating systems
  • Automatic reports to comply with OGMP regulation


Currently the Sensia Caroline FY, FYL, FX and FXY thermal imaging cameras are being used on many petrochemical and oil and gas plants all across the world providing them with an unparalleled level of safety.

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