Projection drawings & 3-D flame and gas mapping

For each flame or gas detection project Desu Systems BV can provide projection drawings, showing recommended model, range, proposed location and quantities of flame and/or gas detectors. This service is provided free of charge.

In addition we offer 3-D flame and gas mapping services at a charge.

The term ‘Fire and Gas Detection Mapping’ covers a range of procedures that assess the efficiency of Fire and Gas detection layouts against specific ‘idealised’ targets. In essence the practice of Fire and Gas Detection Mapping ensures adequate densities of detectors are distributed throughout hazardous zones.

The process starts with a consideration of the risk and the assessment of a suitable ‘detection target’ for the zone (fire size or the size of the gas cloud). This is linked to the type of facility and may also be determined by your companies ‘Fire and Gas Philosophy’ or other hazard assessment studies.

The advantage of providing projection drawings to our customers is that in one view it becomes clear how any hazard can be covered using flame and/or gas detectors. Using all characteristics of the flame or gas detectors it becomes easy for us to translate this into a projection drawing.

What do we do?

Your issues may be complex:

  • Hazard modelling – “10-3 explosion risk”
  • Safety level: “SIL 2”
  • Flash point -43°C; Auto-ignition 246°C
  • Equipment manufacturer – “1ft n-heptane at 210ft”
  • Instrumentation department – “I/O count, FF compatibility”
  • Safety policy: “zero tolerance”
  • STEL 20 ppm
  • Dispersion/ignition modellers – “12m methane flame”

Your question is simple: “What type of detectors do you need, how many, and where do you want them?”

We provide direct consultancy and Fire and Gas Detection Mapping services to provide clear answers to complex issues.

Regular drawings will be provided as Autocad DWG files, Pdf files and Jpeg files.

3-D mapping is provided with an extensive report.

3-D Flame and gas mapping