Starting in 2005 Desu Systems BV developed into one of the leading suppliers of special hazard fire detection and suppression in Europe. Desu Systems BV is the Main Distributor for Spectrex Inc. for flame and open path gas detection, various brands for point gas detection, Hansentek for spark detection, and Buckeye kitchen fire suppression systems.

From its 800 m2 headquarters near Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the company offers complete hazard analysis, total system design and technical support, on site commissioning and customer services such as renting out test equipment.

We understand your needs

Desu Systems has its main focus on flame detection, gas detection and spark detection for which it signed distribution agreements with leading world wide manufacturers.
Critical to Desu Systems' success are a vast knowledge about the systems that are being offered, great flexibility, as well as a fast and professional response to any queries its customers may have,  by offering them around the clock service and availability.

Desu increases the value of the company by exceeding customer's expectations and achieve a leading role and operating excellence with its products in its specific markets. Desu exceeds customers' expectations by understanding their needs, requirements and preferences and offers them a more valuable and custom designed package than others.

Worldwide presence

The company has strong presence in Central, Northern and Eastern Europe, Russia, India and Middle East and acts as a main distributor for various overseas manufacturers of flame-, gas- and spark detection systems that do not have their own distribution network, market knowledge, customer base, language skills and marketing tools.

Doing business with Desu Systems BV customers overcome issues like importation, currency exchange rate, delivery times, language barriers, freight cost, time zones etc.

European market leader

Desu's customers are typically fire protection companies, systems integrators and installation companies and in rare cases end users. Most of the largest international fire protection companies are among our customers and we have been able to successfully complete many projects with them providing an excellent reference and knowledge base for future business.

From the early days, the company developed into the European market leader in flame detection applications such as aircraft hangars, tank storage facilities, waste handling facilities and many other industrial applications by offering complete, flexible and creative solutions.

In its almost 15 years of existence, sales has significantly increased every year. The company is a solid, healthy and profitable one stop shopping center for customers that are in need of flame-, gas or spark detection, with thousands of detectors already installed all over Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia and an ever expanding distribution network.

Management of the company has over 25 years experience in the field of international fire protection and all personnel is factory trained.