121-2/3 High Temperature, High Pressure


121-2/3 High Temperature, High Pressure

121-2s Spark Detector

The 122 Infrared Spark Detector is a high speed, ultra sensitive optical radiant energy sensor designed to detect small sparks or particles of burning or smoldering material being transported in pneumatic ducts.

They are designed for installations in classified areas and are suitable for where the temperature in the duct can exceed 60 ºC, and may go as high as 260 ºC.

Different lengths of fiber optic probes are available – both with two probes or three probes.

For high temperature applications, the detector must be kept remote from the surface of the duct to protect the electronics. This is accomplished by stainless steel clad fiber optic probes to 'look' into the duct.

The 121 detectors feature a very tough and very smooth sapphire lens which promotes self cleaning and resists abrasion and corrosion.
The small size of the fiber optic probes also makes them ideal for mounting to small ducts.

The 121 detector is available with either 2 or 3 fiber optic probes.


Response less than 1 millisecond

Sensitivity less than 100 nano watts

Broad Spectral Response

Wide field of view (70º per probe)

Easy mounting

Smooth surface to help self clean

Two or three probe versions

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121-2/3 High Temperature, High Pressure