Hansentek Infra Red Ember Detector


146 and 246 Ember Detector (new)


146 and 246 Ember Detector (new)

The 146 ember detector (for use with Hansentek panels) and 246 (for use with other panels) Infra Red Ember Detector is an ultra sensitive optical sensor designed to detect the radiant energy emitted by burning or glowing embers being transmitted on conveyer belts. The ember detector is designed to detect a 1 sq. inch (6cm2) ember at a distance of 3 feet (1 meter) traveling at up to 20 fps. (6 m/sec)

The 146/246 ember detector is sensitive only to the radiation emitted by the formation of CO2 produced by a smoldering ember and is insensitive to ambient light - even solar.


The application of these ember detectors is on conveyer belts in;

  • The Pulp/Paper Industry
  • Wood processing
  • Food processing Industry
  • The coal Industry
  • The waste handling.